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Powerful indoor / outdoor IP65 LED projector equipped with a WHITE COB led.
Small enclosure, equipped with a 50W COB led for smaller applications.
WW (warm white): 3200K for a warm and cozy atmosphere
Thanks to the very wide beam angle, this projector is the perfect solution for “close range" applications like wall washing but also great on concert stages, in theaters, discotheques, exhibition booths, …
Completely silent operation, thanks to natural convection cooling system.
Backlit alphanumeric LCD-display and waterproof touch keys to select different options of the setup menu.
Standalone (master): set dimmer + strobe (if needed)
Master/slave mode: connect several projectors together, the first projector controls the others.
DMX-controlled, 1CH: dimmer
DMX-controlled, 2CH: dimmer, strobe
IR-remote controller included: no difficult controllers needed!
Selectable lamp behavior: halogen lamp (slow) or led (fast)
Four dimmer curves: linear, square, inverse square, S-curve
In case of DMX failure you can choose between blackout and freeze mode.
Lock function to avoid unwanted altering of the settings.
Special waterproof power in/outputs: easy daisy chaining of several units.
Special waterproof DMX in/outputs with adapter cables to XLR for maximum compatibility
Strong multifunctional bracket, designed for both fixed floor and truss mounting.




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