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Blackstar DEPT.10 Boost

The Blackstar Dept. 10 Boost is the ultimate high voltage valve boost pedal. Combining a Class A gain stage and natural sounding passive James-Baxandall EQ this class leading pedal is like adding two extra hot valve stages to an amp. Ready to take your guitar tone to the next level?

The Blackstar Dept.10 has a built in buffer/line driver wich is perfect for preserving your precious guitar tone when using long cables. When mounted on a pedalboard, alongside low impedance pedals or wah-wahs, the Dept. 10 wil boost your signal to keep it perfect.

The legendary passive Jamex-Baxandall tone stack makes sure that the true character of your tone is retained.
Tweak the boost to your exact requirement thanks to the powerful low-end and beautiful open trebel sound.

Inside the Blackstar Dept. 10 boost pedal you will find an ECC83 tube.
This tube runs at 250V and it is the heart of this guitar pedal.
Driving an amp into saturation is easy thanks to the naturally warm and dynamic sound of this tube.
The Class-A design is responsive to touch and rich in second order harmonics and offers natural compression.

Blackstar DEPT.10 Boost

• ECC83 valve driven
• Runs at 250V like a valve amplifier
• Built-in buffer/line driver
• James Baxandall EQ: Low / High
• Runs on 9V DC (PSU included)
• Compact design
• Stunning boutique style
• Full colour packaging

Blackstar DEPT.10 Boost


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