Behringer 921B Oscillator

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Behringer 921B Oscillator

Enter the Behringer 921B OSCILLATOR. An authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the “Modular 55 and 35” series oscillators used by the world’s most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians. Now you can build your very own, unique synthesizer that can fit in a standard Eurorack case for a very affordable price. Mix and match with specific modules to customize your synth and complement the genre of music you play or go all out and have a room filled from floor to ceiling with modules that’ll fulfill any synth geek’s wildest dreams.

The 921B OSCILLATOR module is controlled by the Behringer 921A OSCILLATOR DRIVER or can be used as a free-running LFO. Separate Frequency and Range knobs allow you to adjust the frequency range in semitones and in octaves. The 921B along with the 921A modules form the foundation of a proper modular synthesizer and the basis for some really great music.

Behringer 921B Oscillator

Power Consumption
• +12V: 45 mA
• -12V: 45 mA
• 5V: 0 mA

• 8 HP
• 58mm deep

Behringer 921B Oscillator

Behringer 921B Oscillator


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