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American Recorder ARP-101

The ARP-101 Anti-Reflection Panel, a lightweight and affordable panel that eliminates annoying sound reflection waves in audio recording. This new design features a 7.5” x 6” perforated aluminum panel with specially designed acoustical foam, mounted on a 12” gooseneck with microphone stand clamp. Reflective waves exist in rooms with hard glass, metal and tile surfaces. Reflective waves adversely affect recordings, creating unwanted time delay as well as muddling vocals and mid-range frequency coloration. The ARP-101 is a simple and effective solution that dramatically improves room acoustics, while allowing for accurate control of reflective sound waves thus significantly improving recording quality. This stand alone panel can be used with any brand or style of microphone. Can be used in both studio and live recordings.

American Recorder ARP-101

• 7.5” x 6” perforated aluminum panel
• specially designed acoustical foam
• 12” gooseneck with microphone stand clamp

American Recorder ARP-101


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