D'addario XS strings

XS is breathing new life into coated strings!

D'addario XS Strings

D'Addario XS strings combine our most popular acoustic alloy with our most advanced string coating technology, resulting in clear tone, smooth feel, and superior tuning stability — all with the longest possible string life. 

XS a coated string, which on the one hand is the perfect choice for acoustic players who currently using coated strings. 
​These players want assurance that their instrument is always ready to play, with strings that stand up to heavy use under challenging environmental conditions. They believe in the value of coated strings and use them regularly, sometimes exclusively.

On the other hand, XS is best suited for beginners who should worry as little as possible about their strings. Thanks to the ultra-thin film coating, XS offers an unprecedented level of strength and stability - all without dampening the sound. The strings are ready-to-play and stay in tune.

XS is available in Phosphor Bronze  ranging from extra-light to medium gauges for acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar and mandolin.

Key features that make XS stand out:

A tremendous leap forward in coating technology allows the string windings to be completely protected from contaminants for lasting tone and maximum life. 

With NY Steel at its core, XS offers greater break strength and tuning stability which are only enhanced by our proprietary Fusion Twist technology. 

Setting D’Addario XS apart from other strings is the new impossibly thin film coating (which is only 1/10 the thickness of a human hair) that completely protects the wound strings from corrosion, all without dampening the tone and sacrificing the iconic D’Addario sound.