NAMM 2019: Zildjian FX reeks

Zildjian extends their sound palette with the re-launch of the FX series

Zildjian has been at the forefront of new and innovative cymbal sounds for some time and with the re-launch of their FX line and the introduction of a new series of FX Stacks, their reign will continue among drummers looking for modern, trashy accent sounds.

FX Stacks are available in 8 ", 10", 12 ", 14" or 16 "and can be stacked in a traditional way or used as hi-hats, switching between them is a breeze thanks to the new Zildjian Cymbolt mount.

Each pair consists of a rounded top with a striking hole pattern and a flattened lip, plus a cold-rolled steel bottom. Experimenting with cymbal orientation and Cymbolt tension produces a range of sounds, from clear, fast and cutting, to trashy and raw.

Further in the FX series, Zildjian launches a new 22 "FX Oriental Crash of Doom. Building on the success of the popular 20-inch model, this larger size delivers an even darker, lower pitched and more explosive sound. It's thin weight contributes to a long, solid sustain.

The popular K-series is getting a bit bigger again

Zildjian also expands their well-known K-series with a new series of Cluster Crashes in 16 ", 18" and 20 ". These new models are a nice addition to the more traditional K-cymbals and offer a wider range in dark, alternative sounds.
The new K Cluster Crashes take on new dark, funky and trashy timbres, ideal for the drummer who needs new alternative sounds. The K Cluster crashes have the traditional K-style hammer technique with extra "cluster" hammer marks that generate a "dirty" sound. They are extra thin in weight and have an unlathed bell for greater tone distribution and extra sound frequencies.
The K Sweet series, launched last year, also expands slightly with the introduction of a 14" hi-hat.

Zildjian in your ears: New professional in-ear monitors

Zildjian not only launches new cymbals and sticks this year ... New for 2019 is a set of professional standard in-ears monitors, indispensable for every drummer.

The Zildjian IEMs have a Dual Dynamic Driver designed to deliver a smooth frequency response for all listening applications - from live performances and recordings to practice and listening to music.

For comfort and optimal sound insulation - essential for drummers - every set comes with medium and large SpinFit earplugs made of soft silicone. A quarter inch adapter and cleaning tool are also bundled in the included carrying bag.