Compact LS Pocket recorders from Olympus

No matter if recording the jam sessions of a band, the sounds of nature or an interview, the Olympus LS-P1 and LS-P2 will deliver results of excellent quality in virtually any situation. Both models are part of the new Olympus LS Pocket Series uniting superb performance with a compact, stylish design in an extremely robust metal body. Premium directional microphone systems ensure best quality recordings in better-than-CD Linear PCM 96kHZ/24bit format.

The LS-P2 even incorporates a TRESMIC, 3-microphone system for expanded frequency response and also allows the results to be sent to external speakers via Bluetooth. In addition, the LS-P2 includes a convenient Normalization function enabling the levels of recorded files to be subsequently boosted to the optimal distortion-free maximum volume – without the need for any PC or additional software.

Amazing depth and fullness of sound

So much performance in such a compact form: ushering in the new Olympus LS Pocket Series, the new LS-P1 and LS-P2 let musicians and other users enjoy the power and versatility that the LS Series is renowned for – in a surprisingly portable design, thereby making these metal-bodied recorders the ideal companions for on the go. Ensuring audio is captured in the best possible quality irrespective if at a concert, outdoors or even at a meeting, both models feature a high-performance directional microphone system for true stereo sound. The LS-P2 takes this a step further with its integrated TRESMIC 3-microphone system to enlarge the frequency spectrum to a full 20Hz-20kHz, thereby ensuring an incredibly rich stereophonic sound experience due to the third, centrally positioned omnidirectional microphone.

High-quality capture

When it gets loud, the LS-P1 and LS-P2 are fully in their element. They are capable of handling sound pressure levels (SPL) of up to 120dB without clipping. If, on the other hand, a recording was made with levels that were too low, the LS-P2 also features an incredibly handy Normalization function. This allows the recording volume to be subsequently boosted to the maximum level possible without distortion, thereby guaranteeing the best results. Recordings are saved in either MP3 or better-than-CD Linear PCM 96kHZ/24bit format.

Bluetooth compatibility for expanded versatility

Besides the MicroSD storage option and the direct USB connector that is included on both models, the Olympus LS-P2 is additionally equipped with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to numerous compatible peripherals. Users can, for example, enjoy the versatility and convenience of listening to or sharing recorded audio and other saved music on Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers. Furthermore, by installing the free OLYMPUS Audio Controller BT app, users can also control their LS-P2 remotely with their Android-based smartphone.

More clever features for smart users

Both new models provide extra added value in daily use as they may also be deployed as MP3 players: simply transfer the desired audio files to the Music folder, listen and relax. Various equalizer settings are available to ensure the perfect sound for every type of music and user.

A tripod attachment is included for additional flexibility. The LS-P1 and LS-P2 also may be connected to various system cameras, such as the Olympus OM-D models, using a hotshoe adapter and cable. In this way, perfect audiovisual results can be achieved as it is possible to take full advantage of the many benefits the audio recorders deliver, such as better stereo feeling through the directional microphones, wider frequency response with TRESMIC and the capability to capture loud sounds of up to 120dB SPL in crystal-clear clarity.

House in compact, robust metal bodies, these new members of the distinguished LS family are primed for multifaceted deployment in a very broad range of situations and are the ideal companions for ambitious musicians.