Gibson Memory Cable: Never Forget a Riff!

30 juin 2014

Ever come up with an awesome riff, only to realize you had no way to record it, and by the time you finally got hold of a recording device the notes where already gone from memory? Truth is, it's probably happened to all of us. Luckily, Gibson has a solution for those of us with musical amnesia: The Gibson Memory Cable™! Lisez plus

KEYMUSIC Liege fête ses Deux Ans

24 juin 2014

Le samedi 28 juin, KEY MUSIC LIEGE fête ses DEUX ANS, et nous allons célébrer cet évènement tous ensemble !! Lisez plus

Pocket-Sized Giants from TC Electronic

3 juin 2014

Now you can get a larger-than-life sound from a pedal that's small enough to fit right into your pocket, and more importantly, your pedalboard. These pedals are truly huge where it matters and tiny where it counts! Lisez plus