Pioneer launches rekordbox 3.0

The next generation of set preparation software has arrived, as Pioneer DJ releases its biggest update yet to the popular rekordbox™. Incorporating five years of feedback from DJs, rekordbox 3.0 has a slick new GUI and has been built from the ground up to make it even easier to manage and edit playlists, search for and select the best tracks to mix, and sync track information across multiple devices and software.

Pioneer rekordboxSince its launch in September 2009, rekordbox has been used by DJs to manage their music, prepare sets and review played sets. rekordbox analyses BPM, beat position and key information, and lets DJs add cues, loops and beat countdowns. DJs can then perform on Pioneer players, like the CDJ-2000 NXS, with instant access to waveforms, quantise functionality and the ability to edit playlists on the fly. Rekordbox is compatible with many Pioneer products, like the CDJ serie, MXR serie or DJM serie. 

The latest update combines all the original features with exciting additions such as 2-Player mode, which lets DJs crossfade between two tracks to intuitively audition mixes from within the software. Great mixes can be marked as a Match for quick and easy retrieval in the future, while Related Track lets DJs call up all tracks that meet certain tags, e.g. BPM, genre or key. Plus, My Tag gives DJs the option to add their own tags to suit their individual style.

Improvements include faster import and export of files and enhanced syncing with other media, including iTunes, across devices. So DJs can take rekordbox 3.0 with them,wherever they go, with confidence.

Download rekordbox 3.0 for free at