Five reaso to leave your guitar cable behind

You are so used to your guitar cable, you don't even see the downsides anymore. You believe wireless guitar playing is unstable and expensive. Now read this, five reasons to leave your guitar cable behind.

1. The game has changed in wireless

Let’s face it, wireless of the past hasn’t always lived up to its hype. The benefits of being wireless just came with too many problems. That’s why Line 6 pioneered and innovated in digital wireless technology—making it easier and more reliable while also making it sound amazing too. They’re now on their 4th generation system and can boldly say that they've empowered more guitarists with the best quality, digital wireless than anyone and continue to be way out in front. For so many guitarists they have changed what they thought about wireless. And most importantly, they aren’t going back to their cables…

2. The quality of a cable, or even better

The Line 6 wireless guitar system is 24-bit digital with studio sound quality. Being digital isn’t always obvious as the majority of wireless systems sold from other companies are still analog— and therefore get interference (static) and are frustrating to set up and rely on. You’ll be astonished at the quality of your guitar tone with the Relay® digital wireless technology. Clean and clear with no companding, so you get a pristine uncompressed signal to your amp. But the Line 6 wireless systems also model Cable Tone if you want the sound you’re used to using a cable. Or, you can choose to hear your guitar tone as it sounds straight out of your guitar with nothing in the way. Either way, you won’t find a better sounding wireless system anywhere.

3. It just doesn't get any easier

Unlike wireless of the past, this one is truly easy. We promise. There are no frequencies, no math. Just pick a channel and play. Sometimes people say things are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Line 6 wireless is as easy as just 1 (which makes it easy enough for a drummer to use too). 

4. Use it in places you wouldn't think to

With up to 300 feet of freedom, guitar wireless is fantastic for the stage, but that’s only one place that wireless can set you free. More guitarists are using Line 6 wireless systems in the studio because for the first time, digital wireless delivers the uncompromised sound quality and performance the studio requires. No compromises to your guitar tone or your playing. And now with products like AMPLIFi, pairing your practicing and relaxing with wireless means your guitar is even more at home, at home. With Line 6 wireless there’s no reason not to use it everywhere.

5. More affordable than ever

The most popular Line 6 guitar wireless systems are now available for new lower prices. For less than the price of a stomp that you might use on only a few songs, you can get wireless you’ll use for EVERY song. These systems are not only the best, but they’re the most affordable way to get the freedom of wireless with the performance and feel you expect from of a cable.

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