Fender Stratocaster

When many people think of an electric guitar, this is the one that leaps to mind. The Stratocaster is an archetypal instrument—among the world's most popular guitars and an elegantly versatile creation that is both a musical and cultural touchstone. At its heart, though, the Stratocaster remains a fantastic tool—with unmistakable sound and timeless design that have made it the first choice among players worldwide, many of whom have used it to create much of the most important music of our time.


No sooner had Fender revolutionized music with the Telecaster and Precision Bass than it introduced in 1954 what is nearly universally regarded as the archetypal electric guitar, the Stratocaster. Perennially sleek, stylish, smooth playing and tonally versatile, it has transcended its role as musical tool to become nothing short of a cultural icon. There is simply nothing that sings, screams, whispers, moans, roars, rocks and rolls like a Stratocaster.

Sleek Body Shape and Contours
Stratocaster guitars have a sleek and balanced two-horn design, with well-placed forearm and body contours that make for a comfortable playing experience.

Three expressive single-coil pickups; often modified with various combinations of humbucking pickups and switching configurations. From sparkling to soaring to screaming and beyond, the versatile voice of the Stratocaster remains unequaled.

Tremolo Bridge
Now as always, Stratocaster guitars are revered for the innovative design, tonal stability and solid reliability of their tremolo bridges.

Neck and Fingerboard
Stratocaster guitars are known for comfortable and easily adjusted necks with a variety of profiles, eminently playable fingerboards and an unmistakable headstock.


Stratocaster guitars are available in a variety of forms and price categories. Discover our enormous range of Stratocaster models. From the exclusive custom shop models to the affordable models from  Squier. We are a premium Fender dealer, so if you are looking for an original Stratocaster you are at the right address with us.

The most popular Stratocaster guitars are the Standard series of models. The Standard Stratocaster is made in the Fender-factory in Mexico. The American Professional Stratocaster is made in America by the best craftsmen. Are you looking for an affordable Stratocaster guitar? Discover the guitars from  Squier by Fender. Squier is part of Fender and this means that for a modest amount you can own an original Stratocaster.

Fender makes an enormous number of different versions of the Stratocaster. Each series has its own philosophy and starting point. So the American Deluxe series offers a lot of luxury details, whilst the Classic Player models go back in time, with specifications from times past. Fender has also developed a lot of Stratocaster guitars in cooperation with well-known guitarists. These signature guitars are brought together within the Artist series. Discover which series best suits your taste and wishes. For lovers of exclusive top-quality instruments we have an exceptional selection of custom shop guitars.