Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set 460

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Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set 460

The Zildjian ZBT 460 is a 3-piece box that consists of a 14" Hihat (pair), a 16" crash cymbal and a 20" ride cymbal. Excellent quality, real Zildjian sound and delivers a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix. Each ZBT cymbal was created using Ziljdian's extensive experience in cymbal making and features extensive lathing with a traditional finish.

Zildjian ZBT
"ZBT" stands for Zildjian Bronze Technology, and identifies the specific manufacturing process Zildjian cymbals from the so-called "B8" bronze alloy (92% copper and 8% tin). The series is specially designed for the entry level and semi-pro.

Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set 460

• Traditional Finish
• Bright/Mid Sound

Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set 460


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Artikelnummer: B1147-247099

Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set 460

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1x Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set 460
1x Tobago PCB
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