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Vox Mystic Edge

The Valvenergy series offers four effect pedals that provide the response and harmonic distortion of a tube amp, putting popular amp sounds into a pedal. In addition to developing traditional tube amps that use conventional vacuum tubes, VOX has also been researching revolutionary guitar amps that use Nutube, the new vacuum tube. Taking advantage of the technology obtained through the development of these amps, we have now developed a line of Nutube pedals. Featuring the sound and feel of a tube amp, this series delivers four classic amp sounds that are indispensable to the music of today. It also offers new channel switching and line-level output features not previously found in pedals.

What is Nutube?
Nutube is a new vacuum tube that was developed by KORG Corporation in conjunction with Noritake Itron Corporation as an application of vacuum fluorescent display technology. Like a conventional vacuum tube, a Nutube has an anode grid filament structure and operates as a complete triode tube. It provides the same rich overtones and responses that are distinctive of conventional vacuum tubes.

Mystic Edge
The Mystic Edge pedal delivers the sound of the VOX AC30. Developed in 1959, the AC30's iconic chime and edgy sound has been widely used, starting in the 60s and 70s, and continuing to today's music.

• Equipped with Nutube, providing vacuum tube sound and response
• Buffered bypass reduces noise when the effect is turned off
• Connection mode can be switched according to your use
• Channel switch function allows operation similar to a multi-channel amp when multiple VALVENERGY series units are connected
• The OLED display provides a visual indication of the sound

Equipped with Nutube for vacuum tube sound and response
Acclaimed as revolutionary, the Nutube was collaboratively developed by KORG and Noritake Itron, and is at the heart of the VALVENERGY series. This gives the VALVENERGY series the same response, rich overtone structure, and sense of power as you expect from a vacuum tube amp.

Analog circuit design with ample headroom
The VALVENERGY series is made of all analog circuits with the 9V power supply voltage boosted to 15V internally. This allows for greater volume and headroom, and delivers an even more dynamic sound. It's a circuit design that fully utilizes the potential of the VALVENERGY series.

Three connection modes that you can switch according to your situation
You can switch modes as appropriate for the way in which you're using the pedal.

STANDARD: The pedal outputs an instrument-level signal. Connect to the input of your guitar amp in the same way as when using a conventional pedal.
PREAMP: The pedal outputs a line-level signal. Connect to the return jack of your amp or to the input of your power amp to then use with a guitar cabinet.
CAB-SIM: The pedal outputs a line-level signal with an analog cabinet simulator. Connect to your mixer or DAW for direct guitar tones.

Equipped with a channel switching function
You can chain two pedals together with a standard 1/8" stereo cable through the LINK jack of each pedal. This allows you to turn one pedal on while bypassing the other, using the system as if you were switching between channels of a guitar amp.
By using a split Y-configuration 1/8" stereo cable you can link three pedals.

The OLED display provides visual confirmation of the sound
These pedals are equipped with a high-contrast OLED display showing an oscilloscope, a visual indication of how the waveform is affected by the knob settings.

Vox Mystic Edge

Inputs/Outputs: INPUT jack, OUTPUT jack, DC9V jack, LINK jack
Controls: GAIN knob, VOLUME knob, TONE CUT knob, TREBLE knob, BASS, BRIGHT switch, MODE switch
Power Supply*: 1 x 9V alkaline battery or 9V center negative AC adaptor (sold separately)
*: The use of an AC adaptor is recommended as the unit’s power consumption is relatively high. Should you prefer to use batteries, please use the alkaline type.
Current Consumption: 95 mA
Battery Life: Approx. 2 hours (When using the alkaline battery. This figure will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 72 mm x 120 mm x 55 mm/2.83? x 4.72? x 2.17? (Including the knob and foot rubber)
Weight: 350 g/12.35 oz. (Including the battery)
Included Item: 1 x 9V battery for checking operation

Vox Mystic Edge

Vox Mystic Edge