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Ultimate Support TOUR-T-SHORT

The Ultimate Support Tour-T-Short Tour Series Mic Stand with Black Chrome Finish, Modular Design, and Quarter-turn Clutch - Tripod Base/Short Height

The Tour Series mic stands from Ultimate Support are the perfect solution for the professional tour company, high-end venue, and serious musician. With oversized, heavy-walled steel tubing and a black chrome finish, they are the strongest, most durable mic stand built for the road. They also feature a modular design so you can choose any of the bases to combine with any of the shaft heights for the perfect mic stand depending on your needs from night to night. Finally, all Tour Series mic stands are 100% completely field serviceable, so you can replace parts if they fail, instead of the entire microphone stand. Tour Series mic stands set a new standard for anything your next tour can throw at them.

Black Chrome Finish
Modular Base Design
Heavy-duty, Secure Clutch
Patented Universal Mic Attachment
100% Field-replaceable Parts

Ultimate Support TOUR-T-SHORT

Part Name: Tour-T-Short
Part Number: 17192
Base Type: Tripod Base
Height Type: Standard
Height: 19.7" - 30.7" (500 mm - 780 mm)
Tube Diameter: 1.1"
Weight: 9.25 lbs.

Ultimate Support TOUR-T-SHORT


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