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Ultimate Support LIVE-MC-77B

Ultimate Support LIVE-MC-77B Live Retro Series Mic Stands with One-handed Height Adjustment - Stackable Weighted Base

Ultimate Support invented the one-hand, height adjustable microphone stand nearly two decades ago… and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Our new Live Retro Series mic stands represent years of testing and user feedback, incorporating the best of the old and the new. All models return to an improved version of an all time favorite design for our one handed clutch mechanism. The solid and stackable base versions have been reduced in weight and returned to classic round designs, the stackable bases are compatible with bases from older stands in the series, and the tripod base includes our new upward folding, locking leg mechanism. No matter your style, there’s a Live Retro Series mic stand for You.

Fast, Lightweight, One-Handed Clutch
Durable, Lightweight, Aluminum Construction
Stackable Weighted Base for Convenient Storage

Ultimate Support LIVE-MC-77B

Part Name: LIVE-MC-77B
Part Number: 17960
Base Diameter: 10"
Weight: 8 lbs.
Height Range: 43.875" - 70.75"
Shaft Diameter: 1"

Ultimate Support LIVE-MC-77B


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