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Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8

Torpedo Captor X 8 is a compact reactive load box, tube amp attenuator, miked cab simulator, IR loader and stereo expander for home, live and studio use. Playing your tube amp in a great sounding room with an exceptional choice of perfectly matched speaker cabinets and microphones is truly joyous and an unparalleled experience. The Torpedo Captor X 8 is for tube amp lovers who crave this every time they play - no matter the environment.

Fed up with lifting heavy cabinets, inconsistent sound and stage volume issues? Torpedo Captor X 8 allows you to go direct to the PA and audio interface with studio-grade cabinet simulations (cab sim). Two notes Audio Engineering pioneered the digital load box and over the last decade, thousands of Two notes hardware users have captured and enjoyed the harmonic complexity and responsiveness of their tube amps both in the studio and on-stage. The Two Notes simulation built from speaker IR offers 160,000 mic positions per speaker for use with the responsive loadbox. The Torpedo Captor X 8 is a premium compact reactive load box, yet so much more.

Torpedo Captor X 8 is the portable solution to your amp being too loud. Play your tube amp at its sweet spot and control your volume with the attenuator, anywhere. You can even enjoy your 100 watt rig in silence with an immersive headphone experience. Designed to embrace today's demanding on-stage and studio recording environments, the Torpedo Captor X 8 brings new features to the Torpedo Captor family including a Stereo Expander (Stereo Reverb and Twin Tracker), Enhancer, Voicing, Space, Noise Gate and XLR DI outputs with 3 routing options (Stereo, Dual Mono and Dry / Wet).

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8

Input / Output
• Speaker input: 1/4? jack unbalanced (TS)
• Speaker output: 1/4? jack unbalanced (TS)
• Headphones output: 1/4? jack balanced (TRS)
• LEFT/RIGHT outputs: XLR Balanced
• MIDI input: 1/8? jack balanced TRS (Jack to MIDI cable adapter supplied)
• USB connector: USB 2.0 Micro-B (USB Micro-B to USB A cable supplied)

• Width x Depth x Height: 12.8cm x 17.5cm x 6.4cm – 5? x 6.7? x 2.5?

Digital Audio
• AD/DA Converters: Studio-grade 24 bits / 96 kHz
• Bandwidth (-1dB): 30 Hz – 19 kHz
• Signal-to-noise ratio: > 95 dB
• Internal Processing: 32 bits floating-point
• Latency: 2.2 ms (Speaker Input to Left/Right Outputs)

• Power input connector: DC Jack 2.1mm, negative center
• Input voltage: 12v DC
• Supplied adapter: 100-240v AC to 12v DC 1A

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 8


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