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Toontrack Twisted Kit EZX

Hub caps, trashcans and rusty bicycle frames. This is nothing short of what its title suggests – completely left field drum kits constructed by the most odd pieces to ever form a percussive unit.

The Twisted Kit was designed and sampled by Michael Blair, a percussionist with a highly personal instrument set-up, most known for his work with Tom Waits, Lou Reed and Elvis Costello. It was recorded at the Toontrack Studio and comes with a massive collection of percussive elements.

This EZX crosses over boundaries of genres like industrial, blues, ethnic and orchestral to form a unique collection of replacement percussion that should add a new flavor in any songwriter’s creative palette.

Welcome to the world of Twisted Kit, where there is nothing remotely odd about having a duck call as an alternative cowbell, mounting the hubcap of a car on top of your snare or having rototom frames form a tonal hi-hat.

Toontrack Twisted Kit EZX

• Gretsch 1987 Maple Dry
• Gretsch 1987 Maple hard mallet
• Gretsch 1987 Maple soft mallet
• Gretsch 1987 Maple with gong
• Gretsch 1987 Maple with crasher
• Gretsch 1987 Maple Dry with splash
• Ludwig 1965 Super Classic
• Ludwig 1965 Super Classic with metal pot
• Chinese drum
• Taos drum

• Pearl with small root
• Pearl with small root 2
• Pearl Ambient
• Butcher block deep
• Butcher block hubcap
• Butcher block trash

Alternative snare:
• Drawer
• Guitar body
• Cardboard box
• Cardboard box and cymbal
• Bassdrum case

• Bodysounds

• Spoxe hats
• Lowboy hats
• Tibetan cymbal hats

Tom 1:
• Chinese tom 1

Tom 2:
• Chinese tom 2

Tom 3:
• Chinese tom 3

Tom 4:
• Chinese tom 4

• Djembe

• Crasher low
• Crasher high Ride:
• Crasher high
• Crasher ride 2

China 1:
• China low with keys
• China low 2 with keys

China 2:
• China with chain
• China 2 with keychain

• Metal castanet
• Metal tambourine

• Drumskin & brush
• Bean pod shaker
• Flappers

• Thai gong
• Spoxe
• Sound plate

Cake pan:
• Cake pan
• Metal plate
• Spoxe
• Thai gong

One shots:
• One shots

Funny Stuff:
• Funny stuff

4 Tone:
• Slit Drum
• Deagan doorbell
• Japanese temple bowls

Hand drums:
• Pandeiro
• Tamborim

Toontrack Twisted Kit EZX

Toontrack Twisted Kit EZX


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