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TC-Helicon HarmonyControl

All you forward-thinking singers who use a harmony processor and play guitar now have the option of adding harmonies to more songs, more easily with the must-have harmonizer, the HarmonyControl from TC-Helicon.

The HarmonyControl reads your guitar playing and tells your MIDI equipped harmony processor how to sing "the right stuff". If you've ever used Key and Scale harmony, you'll know it works wonderfully for a lot of songs, but now you can add even more harmony songs to your repertoire while you focus on playing and singing your best. Previously, only MIDI keyboard players had the ability to create spontaneous harmony parts but now it lies in your hands too.

It's Easy
All you do is connect HarmonyControl between your guitar and pedal board or amp. Your pure guitar tone is unaffected; it's as if HarmonyControl wasn't there. A supplied high-quality MIDI cable connects to the harmony processor you've already set up as usual with mic and PA connections. As you play normally, HarmonyControl deciphers the chords in your music and sends it to your harmony processor through MIDI. It's working all the time so that when you lift the bypass on your processor, harmonies flow forth instantly.

It's Versatile
Your harmonizer isn't made by TC-Helicon? Too bad, but the good news is that HarmonyControl is compatible with a wide variety of harmony processors by TC-Helicon and others. Of course, our VoiceWorksPlus, VoiceLive, and VoiceWorks have extended features that make the harmonies even more musical. If your harmony processor has a MIDI input, it's likely HarmonyControl can give you the effortless musical control you've always wanted.

TC-Helicon HarmonyControl

Analog Inputs
• 1/4" Phone Jack, Input Impedance: 1MOhm
• Max Input Level 16 dBu @ 12V supply

Analog Outputs
• 1/4" Phone Jack
• Output Impedance 0 Ohm, Sense 225 Ohm
• Max Output Level @ 16 dBu @ 12V supply
• Dynamic Range, 106/98 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz @ Input Level 16/-2 dBu, not A-weighted
• THD < -90 dB (0.0032%) @ 1 kHz, I/O Level 16 dBu, Load > 2400 Ohm
• Frequency Response, +0.1/-0.2 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz
• Conversion Characteristics Sample Rate 48 kHz, Converter AKM AK4620B
• AD / DA Conversion 24 bit, 128x oversampling bitstream
• MIDI:In/Out — 5 pin DIN

• Dimensions 130mm x 132mm x 41mm
• Weight 0.72 kg

TC-Helicon HarmonyControl

TC-Helicon HarmonyControl