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Tama DSS52K

If you are going to transport a drum kit, you naturally want nothing to happen to it. With this drum cover set from Tama you can be sure that nothing will happen to your valuable shells. Each bag has an exterior of water resistant nylon and a 10 millimeter thick lining on the inside. You can carry the bags on the ergonomically shaped, rubber handles. The bags for toms, floor tom and snare drum are also equipped with a shoulder strap. Characteristic of the bags are the red zipper and the simple T-logo, but they are of course also great for other drum brands. The DSS52H set is suitable for a setup with a 22x18 inch bassdrum, 10x8 en 12x9 inch toms. een 16x16 inch floortom en een 14x6.5 inch snaredrum.

Tama DSS52K

Tama DSS52K


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