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Takamine GD11MCENS Mahogany Natural Satin

Electro-acoustic guitar with dreadnought body shape, the most popular body shape of the past half century, that delivers a strong low end with plenty of volume. The instrument features mahogany top, back and sides, as well as the neck that is fitted with a rosewood/ovankgol fingerboard. It is also equipped with Takamine’s proprietary TP-4T preamp system that provides a built-in tuner with three-band EQ and gain controls for excellent amplified performance and versatility.

Takamine GD11MCENS Mahogany Natural Satin

•Top: Mahogany
•Back: Mahogany
•Sides: Mahogany
•Neck: Mahogany
•Finger Board: Laurel
•Nut Width: (42.5 mm)
•Electronics: Takamine TP-4T
•Finish: Natural

Takamine GD11MCENS Mahogany Natural Satin


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