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Stagg MATS-10

Harness with on drums, tom-trio, with harness "S" size of parade drums: 8 ", 10" and 12 "Pair of chopsticks and key agreement included lightweight harness aluminum.. with rigid adjustable shoulder rotation, spacing and adjustable chest height.

Stagg MATS-10

- Stagg MATS-10
- Set of walking drums, tom-trio, with harness "S"
- Size of parade drums: 8 ", 10" and 12 ", basswood, 7 folds
- Tie rods molded zinc
- A pair of chopsticks and included key agreement
- Lightweight harness, "S" type, aluminum with rigid shoulder pads adjustable rotation (front / rear) and distance (left / right), and adjustable torso height: 35 to 55 cm (shoulder and striking skin) for the comfort of the musician.
- Inclination of adjustable drums, with safety lock that locks the skin in the open game
- White Colour
- Net weight: 6,3kg

Stagg MATS-10


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