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Sontronics Solo

The Sontronics Solo is a new dynamic microfoon from their complete range. The Sontronics Solo can be used for live and studio. With this microphone you will not need a lot of adjustments on your mixer. This Sontronics Solo already sounding pefect. See the movie for more information.

Handheld dynamic microphone for live / studio use.

Sontronics microphones are used by Ed Sheeran, Aerosmith, Bloc Party, Dave Grohl, Blur, Katie Melua, BBC Bigband, PJ Harvey, Razolight, Muse, Abbey Road Studios, Keane, Status Quo, Artic Monkeys and many more.

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Sontronics Solo

Solo Highlights
• Handheld dynamic mic
• Tight supercardioid pattern
• Excellent off-axis rejection
• Requires no EQ
• Comes with mic clip and pouch
• Amazing quality & great value

Recommended For…
• Live vocals (sung, rap, MCing, etc)
• Studio vocals
• Guitar amp
• Kick drum and snare drum
• Hi-hat and other percussion
• Harmonica

Sontronics Solo


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