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Sonor Global Beat Soprano Xylophone

Sonor's Global Beat Series is all about quality with budget-saving prices. Global Beat xylophones come with weather-friendly fiberglass bars, providing the solid foundation for your Orff instrumentarium.

Sonor Global Beat Soprano Xylophone

• Item name: Soprano Xylophone
• Type: Soprano
• Sound bar color: Stained
• Sound bar material: Sucupira
• Resonator box: Made of Birch Plywood
• Series: Global Beat
• Tuning: Fundamental tuning
• Scale: C Major scale
• Tones: C2, D2, E2, F2, F-sharp2, G2, A2, B-flat2, B2, C3, D3, E3, F3, F-sharp3, G3, A3
• Accessories: 1 Pair Felt Ring Mallet, SCH 11
• Lowest note: C2
• Highest note: A3
• Number of notes: 16
• Sound bars: Sucupira, stained, 35 mm x 18 mm
• Sound bar width: 35 mm
• Sound bar thickness: 18 mm

Sonor Global Beat Soprano Xylophone

Sonor Global Beat Soprano Xylophone


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