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Soho PD123A Chain-Drive Single Drum Pedal

The PD123A Pro Speed Chain-Drive Single Drum Pedal features a host of refinements and upgrades to its original performance-proven design. The legendary Soho PD Pro Speed Series bass drum pedals have remained "The Drummer's Choice" and the standard of the industry for over a quarter of a Century. The workhorse PD123A comes with a double chain drive, along with aluminum hex shaft, pedal plate and linkage, hoop clamp, 2-way beater, built-in spurs plus all the versatility, adjustability and reliability that allows players to customize the feel and performance to fit the way they play. The new PD123A features adjustable beating power, adjustable beating angle and adjustable pedal plate position.

Soho PD123A Chain-Drive Single Drum Pedal

Soho PD123A Chain-Drive Single Drum Pedal


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