Showtec Shark Spot One

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Showtec Shark Spot One

Showtec Shark Series is range of compact sized moving heads with excellent features and an impressive output. It is the perfect lighting solution for mobile DJs, musicians, pubs, and bars.
Intelligently designed fixtures, easy to use by professional and non-professional users alike. Versatile macros and integrated sound-active programs are features and functionalities that will enable you to create amazing shows without any complex programming.
All Showtec Shark moving heads are equipped with IFS Technology, allowing users full control of various Shark fixtures within a single setup.
Showtec Shark: Dangerously Cool Moving Heads!

The Showtec Shark Spot One is a professional compact size 60W LED moving spot light.
Even though this fixture is relatively small, it still offers great features such as a motorized focus, 3-facet prism, bi-rotating gobos and high-grade dichroic colour filters.
Because of the sophisticated optical system the Shark Spot One also has an astonishingly bright output.
Weighing only 6.2 kg, transport and handling are easy and thanks to only one single mounting clamp, rigging can be done very quickly.
All features and effects like gobo flow and –shake, strobe and focussing can be controlled via DMX or with the included IR remote control.
An 8-channel personality allows for a basic light desk control of the Shark Spot One, and for full control, an extended 14-channel personality is available too. Additionally the master/slave function as well as an on-board ‘sound mode’ allow for music-controlled shows with no need for programming.

Showtec Shark Spot One

Motorized focus
Oled Display
Ir remote included
60W LED Source

Showtec Shark Spot One


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