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Seymour Duncan APH-2N BLK

The Seymour Duncan Humbucker Set was developed together with Slash. Slash is one of the guitarists who wants to play guitar always the same way, whether in the studio or on stage. Until recently, he had a different guitar for live performances and in the studio. The newly developed APH 2 Alnico II Pro Slash Signature spared him having to change guitars, because he now always and everywhere has the warm, singing sound that Slash needs to perform his music.

Seymour Duncan APH-2N BLK

- Slash signature humbucker guitar pickup
- voiced to deliver that characteristic sustain, crunch and midrange tone of Slash’s original Derrig Les Paul copy
- neck position
- dual coil
- wax potted
- Alnico II magnet
- DC resistance 8.3 kOhm
- 1 conductor hook-up cable braided shield
- medium-high output
- black
- also available as set together with APH-2b bridge humbucker
- made in USA

Note: The return and refund policy does not apply to pickups, if their cables have been cut or soldered, or other damage affecting the condition of the goods is present.

Seymour Duncan APH-2N BLK


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