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Saramonic LM-WS

LM-WS Furry Windscreen for Saramonic UwMic9, UwMic10, VmicLink5, UwMic15, SR-UM10-M1, SR-UM9-M1, etc. lavalier (3 pcs kit).

The LM-WS is a furry windscreen for higher wind conditions, when a foam windscreen just won't do. Designed for the Saramonic SR-UM10-M1 & SR-UM9-M1 lavaliers that are included with UwMic9, VmicLink5, UwMic10 and UwMic15 wireless systems. It also works with the other Saramonic lavaliers and many other standard-sized lavalier microphones between 6-8mm in diameter. The LM-WS is an ideal solution in high-wind recording environments when lavaliers are worn on the outside of clothing.

Saramonic LM-WS

Saramonic LM-WS


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