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Samson mxp124fx

The Samson Mixpad MXP124FX is a compact lightweight desktop USB mixer with four mic / line inputs, four stereo channels and 24bit digital effects. In addition to the high quality faders, the Class A microphone preamps, this slim mixer is equipped with compressors on the first two channels. Each channel is equipped with 3-band EQ, pre-fader AUX or FX, mute switches and highpass filters and phantom power. In addition, the USB 2i / o interface offers the possibility to record the mix and / or play music from the computer. The Mixpad MXP124FX has a headphone jack with separate level control and LED reading for signal control. The whole guarantees high-quality transparent sound and great functionality, ideal for small live acts and presentations.

Samson mxp124fx

Samson mxp124fx


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