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Roland RDH-102 Double Kick Drum Pedal

Heavy-Duty Double Kick Pedal with Roland Noise Eater Technology

Combining a heavy-duty double kick drum pedal with Roland’s patented Noise Eater technology, the innovative RDH-102 is perfect for V-Drums users who play and practice in multi-level buildings. The pedal delivers pro-level performance with a dual-chain drive and smooth bearing hinge assembly, while the integrated Noise Eater system helps reduce noise transfer caused by vibrations. This allows V-Drums users in multi-level homes, apartments, condos, and studios to play freely without disturbing people occupying rooms or dwellings below.

Roland RDH-102 Double Kick Drum Pedal

• Heavy-duty double kick drum pedal
• Built-in Noise Eater technology
• Versatile extended linkage design
• Dual chain drives
• Smooth bearing hinge
• Self-aligning beaters
• Compatible with Roland kick trigger pads that support double pedals

Roland RDH-102 Double Kick Drum Pedal

Roland RDH-102 Double Kick Drum Pedal


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