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Roland CY-16R-T V-Cymbal Ride

Thin V-Cymbal Ride/Crash Pad with Organic Motion and Feel.

The CY-16R-T V-Cymbal features a 40-percent thinner profile than previous generations, offering an organic and expressive playing experience with more even response, improved stick feel, and natural acoustic swinging motion. And with its elegant textured design, the CY-16R-T projects an authentic acoustic look on stage.

The CY-16R-T’s sensor system can be configured within the TD-27 V-Drums module* for use as a ride cymbal (bow/bell) or crash cymbal (bow/edge). Three-way triggering is supported via two cables with advanced V-Drums modules, providing independent sounds on the edge, bow, and bell. The cymbal can also be choked simply by grabbing the edge–just like a real acoustic cymbal.

Roland CY-16R-T V-Cymbal Ride

• Advanced 16” ride/crash cymbal pad with 40-percent thinner profile than previous generations
• Multi-sensor system for independent edge, bow, and bell sounds
• Natural looks and playability with improved feel and swinging motion
• Authentic stick response makes it easier to play cymbal swells and rides
• Chokes supported by grabbing the cymbal edge
• Compatible with all V-Drums modules

Roland CY-16R-T V-Cymbal Ride


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