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Reloop SMonitor Pad 8 PRO

The Reloop sMonitor Pads PRO are absorber pads for monitor speakers, catering for a firm foothold. Disturbing acoustic feedback and resonance noises will hereby be avoided. This way your speakers will dispose of a great stability and furthermore the sound characteristics will be improved significantly. The bass frequencies become more powerful and high and mid frequencies become more crisp and brilliant. The sMonitor Pads are made of polymer foam (compressed foam plastic) that serves for the right sound isolation, plus an integrated metal plate that produces a firm stability. The sMonitor Pads are available in two sizes, for 5'' and 8'' monitor speakers. Moreover these pads dispose of a 5° inclination for an ideal monitoring position in the studio.

Reloop SMonitor Pad 8 PRO

Absorber pad for all current 8'' monitor speakers
Made of polymer-foam boards (compressed foam plastic) with integrated metal plate
Enhances balancing characteristics with disturbing vibrations
Expands sound field and enables an outstanding sound spectrum
Clear acoustic pattern due to tightening of bass frequencies
Decouples vibrating surfaces
5° inclined radiation angle for ideal monitoring position

Colour: black
Dimensions: 263 x 330 mm

Reloop SMonitor Pad 8 PRO


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