RCF M 18

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RCF M 18

Fader-free, all-in-one M 18 has an on-board WiFi access point with both external and internal antennas, enabling full wireless control from up to 5 tablets. It features a total of 18 analog inputs, 8 mic preamps, up to 19 simultaneous studio-grade effects and a full suite of plug-in algorithms and professional internal effects, including a high-quality stereo reverb and classic emulations of guitar and bass amplifiers. The input EQs (Standard, Vintage and Smooth) enable a wide range of sounds and a flexible sound-sculpting environment. A master processor on the main outputs allows a final fine-tuning of the overall sound. A USB port for the internal two-track player and recorder, MIDI ports and footswitch input provide maximum flexibility.

Comprehensive Control App
The MixRemote App enables complete and versatile control of the RCF M 18 Digital Mixer. Developed for iOS first, the MixRemote App has been designed with musicians in mind and is very simple to use, thanks to its intuitive Graphic User Interface. Each page or channel functions can be reached with a couple of touches of a single hand – an essential convenience while playing.

A dedicated App has been developed to ensure a quick and intuitive interaction with the M 18 digital mixer. Special care has been taken to offer consistent navigation among pages. The screen area is divided into 5 different zones: click on the dots to discover them.

FX Sends
The main page presents three fader layers to control the FX sends. FX1-FX2-FX3 allows three internal FX feeds.

AUX Sends
The main page presents six fader layers to control the AUX sends. AUX1 to AUX6 allows six auxiliary output feeds.

The M 18 digital mixer can provide up to 19 simultaneous effects. Three of them are defined as “SEND EFFECTS” and are fed by dedicated FX SENDS. FX1 is a particularly deep and transparent reverb, providing a realistic simulation of large ambients, such as halls, or rooms and plates. FX2 is a professional delay with a tap time up to 2500 ms and dedicated filters on the feedback signal, thus creating interesting sounds and complex tapping effects. FX3 is an assignable multi-effect with several choices: chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, among the others.

Multi FX
A unique function that is available only in the M 18 digital mixer is the MultiFX effects chain. This powerful option can be applied to up to 4 channels:
• A freely ordered chain of three effects – Pitch Shifter, Chorus/Flanger, Delay – can be inserted into channels 5 and 6 or, alternatively, 7 and 8
• Channels 9 and 10, which also have a selectable Hi-Z input line, provide an insert effect chain of 5 simultaneous effects.

Two Realistic Amp Modeling Channels
Designed for musicians. Two line inputs can be switched to a Hi-Z mode and host several realistic amp modeling simulators. Guitar and bass players can count on as many as 11 simulators specifically created for them: Darkface '65 (US), JazzC (JP), Rock '64 (UK), Rock 800 (UK) Crunch, Rock 900 (UK) Lead, Top30 (UK), Modern (US), BassMate (US), BassAmp (DE), Markbass Little Mark III (IT), Markbass TTE 500 (IT). The new firmware version adds a further four Amp Simulators: Slo88 Crunch (US), Slo 88 Lead (US), Overange 120 (UK) and Heavy 51 (US). It is also possible to substitute one of the Amp Simulators with a versatile Acoustic Simulator. Combine each amp with many different cabinets and explore various sound possibilities, emulating three types of microphone and three distinct positions: Near on axis, Near off axis, and Far from cabinet (1 m). The wide range of integrated sound options will allow every musician to re-create his own personal familiar sound without the need to transport heavy and bulky amplifiers and cabinets.

RCF M 18

Internal access point
Dual band
Ieee802.11 b/g standard 2.4 / 5.0 ghz
Antennas: 2 int. + 1 ext.

Mic: 8
Remote controlled storable gain
Gain range: 0 to 60db
Input noise level: -128 dbu a-weighted
Mic inputs impedance: 1 kO
Low cut: adjustable 10 to 500hz
Phantom power: +48v
Line: 10
Gain selection: -10 db / +4 db
Line input impedance: 10kO
Hi-z line inputs: 2
Hi-z line inputs impedance: 1mO
A/d dynamic range: 114 db

Main mix: 2 (l/r)
Aux send: 6
Fx send: 3
Phones: 1 stereo

Main out impedance: 50O
Main out level: 21 dbu
Aux out impedance: 50O
Aux out level: 21 dbu
Phones out impedance: 40O
Phones out level: 35 dbm
D/a dynamic range: 114 db

Gates, compressors present on all input channels. 2 parametric / 2 shelving eq’s on each channel.
Eq presets; standard, vintage, smooth eqs on all input channels. Standard eq on aux out.

Aux 2
Aux 4
Fx 3

Send effects: 3
Multifx insert effects: 16
Valve warmer, xciter, maximizer, 31 band graphic eq present on main mix as mastering processors

Footswitch: dual
Midi in, midi out
Lan port

Power supply internal
Voltage requirements from 100V to 240V
Power consumption 40 W max

Cabinet material: abs
Colour: black

Height 88mm / 3.465in
Width 340mm / 13.386in
Depth 180mm / 7.087in
Net weight 2,5kg / 5.511lbs

RCF M 18

RCF M 18