Radial ICE CUBE IC-1

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Radial ICE CUBE IC-1

Eliminate ground loops quickly
The IceCube is an ideal problem solver for today's AV technicians and audio engineers, providing an easy way to insert an isolation transformer into the signal path to remove hum and buzz from ground loops, with a ground lift switch for additional noise reduction. Simply connect it between any two line-level devices, such as a mixer and a powered speaker, or a crossover and a power amp. The IceCube will eliminate ground loop noise without limiting the audio bandwidth or introducing phase shift, and it can handle hot signal levels without distortion.

Isolating the DJ mixer from a console
Plug a couple of IceCubes in between the DJ mixer and the main PA to rid the system from hum or buzz caused by ground loops. Standard XLR connections make it easy.

Isolating a crossover from a power amp
Eliminating noise problems can take hours of troubleshooting. The IceCube takes the hassle out of the equation with a plug and play solution that works every time.

Isolating a console from a remote tower
When distant power systems power equipment it often leads to noise, due to voltage fluctuations and ground contamination. The IceCube isolates the system to reduce noise.

Radial ICE CUBE IC-1

• XLR Output
Balanced output connects to your PA or recording system

• Ground Lift
Disconnects PIN-1 on the XLR output to eliminate hum and buzz created by ground loops

• XLR Input
Balanced input with locking XLR connects from the device you would like to isolate

Radial ICE CUBE IC-1


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