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The PRO-DDJSXFLT offers the ultimate protection for your DDJ-SX or DDJ-SX2: a 5.5mm thick plywood carcass with vinyl covering held together by high grade aluminium extrusions, zinc-coated case hardware, and 4 rubber feet to offer extra grip in the booth.

The case opens via 4 recessed butterfly catches; inside you'll find polyethylene foam insert that holds your controller securely. The lid incorporates polyurethane foam to further protect the unit in transit. Inside you'll also find a laptop stand, which folds flat inside the case when in transit. There's extra space behind the unit for mains and audio cables.


• External dimensions (W x D x H): 785 x 483 x 136 mm (excluding handle)
• Materials used: Plywood, vinyl, aluminium, Polyethylene



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