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Peavey Cirrus 4 Red Oak

This 35" scale maple neck-thru bass with walnut stringers features a Rosewood or Pau Ferro fingerboard with 24 frets and a two way, fully adjustable torsion rod. The Cirrus includes string-thru ferrules, 19:1 ratio Gotoh tuning machines, and a milled brass bridge giving players a choice of top loading the strings or stringing through the body.

The electronics include volume, pickup blend, bass, mid and treble controls with 10 dB boost/cut, giving a mid sweep tone that can hone in with prodigious precision. The Cirrus also features two Peavey® USA designed, VFL active humbucking pickups, an active preamp, and 18 volt electronics. This model is complete with satin gold hardware and DR Dragonskin strings.

The Peavey Powerplate™ is a new innovation for stringed instruments. The Powerplate is a metal plate that is embedded into the back of the headstock, which increases sustain and volume and eliminates any dead spots on the fingerboard. The Powerplate is mounted using the machine heads and increases the amount of string vibration energy that is projected by the instrument.

Peavey Cirrus 4 Red Oak

-35 inch scale
-Maple neck with walnut stringers
-Rosewood fingerboard
-24 Frets
-2 way fully adjustable torsion rod
-Top load bridge
-20:1 ratio Gotoh GB720 tuning machines
-2 Peavey®
-Active preamp
-18 volt electronics
-Volume, pickup blend, bass, mid and treble controls with 10 dB boost/cut
-Satin gold hardware
-Milled brass bridge
-Case included
-Ships with DR Dragonskin strings
-Adjustable string spacing
-USA design VFL active humbucking pickups
-Weight Unpacked: 8.99 lb(4.08 kg)
-Weight Packed: 26.98 lb(12.24 kg)
-Width Packed: 17.25"(43.815 cm)
-Height Packed: 50.5"(128.27 cm)
-Depth Packed: 6"(15.24 cm)

Peavey Cirrus 4 Red Oak


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