Paiste PST5 New Universal Cymbal Set 14/16/20

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Paiste PST5 New Universal Cymbal Set 14/16/20

For those about to ROCK...Paiste presents the Paiste PST5 Rock Cymbal Package. If you're looking to upgrade your cymbals to something with a little more "oomph" look to this Rock-specific cymbal set that includes Paiste PST5 14 inch hi-hats, a 16 inch crash and a 20-inch ride cymbal.

Paiste PST 5 cymbals use the same high-grade bronze alloy as in its professional class, which became famous through the Paiste 2002 series. The combination of the sonorous bronze with the new production methods provides drummers with new sound dimensions, and due to a rich program, with numerous possibilities to design an individual cymbal set.

Over 70 years ago, Paiste started producing cymbals by means of traditional hand craftsmanship using a defined sound concept and strict quality standards - a pioneering accomplishment that has substantially determined today's standards for cymbals. Today, Paiste is the only first rate cymbal manufacturer who still uses this ancient method exclusively for cymbals in the professional class in its Swiss production facility.

Paiste employs modern, hi-tech production techniques in its German production facility for the manufacture of affordable cymbals with outstanding quality. The company utilizes its extensive Swiss-based know-how and successfully transfers the essence of hand manufacture principles to modern, technical production. Paiste is a pioneer in this field, based on its 25 year experience with production of cymbals based on technology and automation.

Thanks to modern digital technology, Paiste has now achieved a breakthrough which permits it a significant improvement in the transfer of Swiss know-how concerning cymbal shape, structure and sound to the German production facility.

The results of these intensive efforts are the new Paiste Sound Technology cymbals - PST 3 and PST 5. With these series Paiste, presents affordable cymbals with never before realized sound quality and professional appearance.
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Paiste PST5 New Universal Cymbal Set 14/16/20

Paiste PST5 New Universal Cymbal Set 14/16/20


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