Native Instruments B4 Tonewheels Set Vintage Virtuelles Instrument/Sampler
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Native Instruments B4 Tonewheels Set Vintage

"With the B4 Tonewheel Set Vintage Collection, you can make a B4
sound like a B3 that is sparkling-fresh from the factory, or like
it was more than 100 years old. You can even replace the
B3-modelled tonewheels with those of a Vox Continental, a Farfisa
Compact, or a Harmonium to give your B4 a totally new
Vox Continental
The classic British Vox Continental organs were played by many of
the great bands in the sixties and seventies, such as The Doors,
The Animals and The Monkees. We have extracted the tones from
Vox Continental and converted them into B4 Tonewheel data to
the B4 into the classic transistor combo organ. Choose from three
Vox Tonewheel Sets: Soft, Hard, and Mix, which faithfully
correspond to the different tones sounds of the original Vox.
The highly-collectable Farfisa Compact was played by Pink Floyd,
Jean-Michel Jarre, and Blondie. Included on this CD are 2
Sets, one with the Farfisa's Tone Booster switch activated and one
with it off.
For something a bit unusual we have also taken an Indian
and converted its reed sound into a B4 Tonewheel Set.. With just
one or two drawbars pulled out and lots of pumping on the
expression pedal, the B4 sounds quite close to a real Harmonium.
With more drawbars, vibrato-chorus, and the rotator turned on, it's
something else!"

Native Instruments B4 Tonewheels Set Vintage

Native Instruments B4 Tonewheels Set Vintage


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