Moog Polymoog 280a Vintage Keyboard

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Moog Polymoog 280a Vintage Keyboard
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Moog Polymoog 280a Vintage Keyboard

The Polymoog Keyboard, a non-programmable version of the original Polymoog, appeared in 1978. It offered just 14 presets, but generated one of the most famous synthesizer sounds of all time.

Following the development of the Apollo prototype and the original Polymoog Keyboard, Moog Music built two further prototype instruments codenamed Apollo. These were very different from Keith Emerson’s Apollo from 1973 and, as a consequence of using the same case and keyboard, looked like nothing so much as a simplified Polymoog. The new instrument that derived from these prototypes was launched in 1978 and, creating much confusion in the marketplace, was called the Polymoog Keyboard, causing the original Polymoog Keyboard to be renamed the Polymoog Synthesizer.

Costing considerably less than the Synthesizer version, the new PolyMoog Keyboard offered just fourteen presets – Vox Humana, String 1, String 2, Electric Piano, Piano, Honky Tonky, Clav, Harpsi, Brass, Chorus Brass, Pipe Organ, Rock Organ, Vibes and Funk – and, while players could modify these slightly from the front panel, there was nowhere near as much control as was available on the Polymoog Synthesizer. The right hand control panel was completely removed, and the left hand panel offered control over just the attack speed of the selected sound, global modulation, a bass filter, the level of the three keyboard zones, and the volume.

Moog Polymoog 280a Vintage Keyboard

• Preset Sounds - 203a: Strings, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Funk, Clavi, Vibes, and Brass.
• 280a model adds: Vox Humana, Strings 2, Electric and Honky Tonk Pianos, Chorus Brass and a Rock Organ
• Polyphony - 71 notes
• Oscillators - 2 VCO’s with sawtooth and pulse/square waveforms and pulse-width modulation
• LFO - Rate, Amount Attack
• Filter - Highpass, Lowpass (203a model only), 3-band EQ
• Memory - Model 203a: 8 Preset + 1 User
• Model 280a: 14 presets
• Keyboard - 71 keys (velocity sensitive)
• Control - CV/Gate
• Weight - 82 pounds (37 Kg)
• Date Produced - 1975-80

Moog Polymoog 280a Vintage Keyboard


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