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Modtone Harmonic Tremor

The Harmonic Tremor is a classic-sounding no-nonsense tremolo that emulates tremolo circuits on old tube amplifiers, covering many tremolo sounds of the past from a variety of amplifier types.

With three knobs that control Rate, Depth and Wave, the Harmonic Tremor offers the same controls found on a trem-equipped amp with one addition: the Wave control. This control ranges from a lush triangle-wave trem to a choppy square wave sound, with the in-betweens utilizing a sawtooth waveform of varying steepness. The sawtooth settings lend a uni-vibe-like LFO to the sound to give players some vintage bias tremolo sounds.

Like all Modtone pedals, the Harmonic Tremor is built in a heavy-duty road-ready enclosure at a price point that speaks to players of all budgets.

Modtone Harmonic Tremor

• True Bypass

• Rate - Wave - Depth

• Authentic Tremolo

• All Metal Construction

• LED Tempo Light

• Purple Glitter Finish

• High Quality Switches & Jacks

• 5 Year Warranty

Modtone Harmonic Tremor

Modtone Harmonic Tremor


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