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Medeli DP460K/RW

digital home piano, 88 keys graded hammer action, triple sensor (K8), 2 x 25 watt - ROSEWOOD

The Medeli DP460K is the bigger version of the DP420K. The DP460K offers more such as a larger polyphony, more sounds, a GM bank and the possibility to write data to a USB stick.
The DP460K has a fully-weighted pianokeybed. The keyboard is very playable for pianists of all levels. The K8 keyboard has 3 sensors which makes it even better to respond to the player.

Because the instrument is equipped with a GM bank, it also has the option of playing Standard MIDI Files (SMF files). It is also possible to record audio files in MP3 format, every sound that is played is recorded and stored in MP3 format on a USB stick
The instrument is equipped with automatic accompaniment with 50 Styles that can be played in different music styles.

The MIDI inputs and outputs can be used to connect the piano to external MIDI devices and computers. With a USB adapter cable it is possible to connect the piano to an iPad and, for example, to use it with an app such as PianoDoReMi. The USB connection can also be used as an audio interface so that the audio can be sent via USB to recording software in the computer

Medeli DP460K/RW

• Keyboard: 88 weighted hammer action keys, triple sensor (K8)
• Display: 2, 08”Matrix OLED
• Polyphony: 256
• Voices: 45 + GM bank + 8 GM drumkits
• Accompaniment/Styles: 50
• Registration memory: none
• Songs: 60
• Demo: 2 piano + 45 voice
• Recording: 5 SMF + 1 MIDI song
• Connections: DC-power, Headphone (1/4 inch jack), Pedals, USB (host) , USB (device) MIDI in/out, Aux-In/Aux out (1/4 inch stereo jack)
• Powersupply: DC 15 volt/2500mA
• Amplifier: 2 x 25 watt
• Dimensions: 1400 x 492 x 910 mm (wxdxh)
• Weight: 59 kg
• Included accessories: powersupply, manual

Medeli DP460K/RW


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