Maxon CP9 Pro Plus Compressor Kompressor/Boost/Dynamik Pedal
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Maxon CP9 Pro Plus Compressor

With the CP-9 Pro+, Maxon has taken one of the most lauded compression circuits of all time and placed it in one amazing little stompbox, creating the most “effective” compressor yet! More than a reissue, the CP-9 Pro+ features a completely redesigned circuit that is vastly superior to the original 1980’s model. The CP-9 Pro+ circuit is based around the patented low-noise DBX compression technology that is used in many high-end pro audio products. This circuit combines a high-quality VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) with an RMS (root mean square) sensor, providing a natural attack response while maintaining an extremely low noise floor generally not found in floor-based units. Like all Maxon 9-Series models, the CP-9 Pro+ features True Bypass Switching using a 4PDT mechanical switch, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal when the effect is disengaged. Simply put, the CP-9 Pro+ is the last compressor you'll ever need to buy!

Maxon CP9 Pro Plus Compressor

Maxon CP9 Pro Plus Compressor


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