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LR Baggs M1 Active

The M1 Active takes the M1 pickup to a new level of performance and convenience. The built-in all class A electronics eliminate the need for any external preamps and makes the M1 Active compatible with any outboard equipment. And the new volume control gives you fingertip access in any performing situation. The M1 is a humbucking pickup -- with a twist. In a common stacked humbucker, the second, lower coil cancels hum, but doesn't contribute anything positive to the sound. In fact, it can muddy the sound of the main coil. L.R. Baggs unlocked the second coil. This allows it to make a positive sonic contribution while maintaining the pure open sound of a single coil -- but without the hum. In the M1, the hum-canceling coil is suspended under the main coil by a tuned support that allows it to move in three dimensions. The primary coil moves with the guitar top and creates a body signal in the suspended secondary coil. This brings the M1 to life, with string and body sound all in one. It's like having a dual pickup system in your soundhole. They've carefully tuned the support to control motion in all three dimensions. This allows them to selectively add the presence and realism from the body signal while suppressing runaway feedback.
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LR Baggs M1 Active

LR Baggs M1 Active

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LR Baggs M1 Active


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