Loic Le Pape L Steel PL KID Chery Red

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Loic Le Pape L Steel PL KID Chery Red

Loic Le Pape's version of the ultimate rock 'n roll guitar, the LP Junior. This guitar combines killer looks, great playability and a very dynamic sound coming from a single Kent Armstrong P90 pickup.

Who is Loic Le Pape ?
Successively airbrush painter, general mechanic then specialized in motorcycles, electrician and sign electronics, an accident forced him to change direction once again: he first builds wooden guitars, being also guitarist in the band Brigitte Borderline, then starts to make the body in steel. He then approached competent luthiers who taught him the essential techniques.

The choice of metal comes of course from his experience in mechanics, and the steel body is exclusively used because he prefers its sound to that of other metals such as aluminum. The necks remain in wood: it is the combination of the two materials that gives the general tone of his guitars. The metal is protected by a special treatment and the varnish is often worked to simulate aging (a relicage) in order to give a raw aspect

Loic Le Pape L Steel PL KID Chery Red

NECK: Type: Tom Marceau

Wood: Mahogany

Fretboard: Rosewood

Radius: 12

Shape: Rounded 59

PICKUPS: Kent amstrong P90

BRIDGE: Wraparound Gotoh

CONTROLS: 1xVol./1xTon.

TUNERS: Vintage on plate

WEIGHT: 3,4 kgs

Loic Le Pape L Steel PL KID Chery Red


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