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Latin Percussion LP592S-X Splash Claw

LP’s redesigned and improved Claw — available on the new patent-pending EZ-Mount Mic Claw, Mic Claw, Perc Claw and Splash Claw — holds even tighter to drum and hand-percussion rims, amplifiers or other studio accessories, ensuring mics and other items remain in place. Additionally, the spring-loaded jaw makes mounting and precise placement quick and easy.

"Our claws are an industry standard used by drummers, percussionists and sound engineers," Victor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said. "We’re pleased with the improvements that we made.These changes will make mounting percussion items easier."

The new and improved Claw®—available on the LP592A-X Mic Claw, LP592B-X Perc Claw and LP592S-X Splash Claw — keeps your accessories from rotating freely while making placement adjustments thanks to its ratcheting design. These three models each include mounting rods.

With the Percussion Claw, mount cymbals up to 16” on any rimmed drum in any drum kit, percussion set-ups, and marching drums.

Latin Percussion LP592S-X Splash Claw

• Includes Z-shape cymbal arm with felts & heavy duty wing nut
• Best way to add cymbals to any set-up without heavy hardware
• New ratcheting system prevents free rotation of mounted accessories

Latin Percussion LP592S-X Splash Claw


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