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Latin Percussion LP460L Qube Live

Okay…it looks like a simple wooden box. But looks can be deceiving. The LP Qube is actually a very high-tech approach to shaker design. A unique internal-baffle design produces a multitude of shaker effects…all depending on what direction the "box" is moved in. Forward-and-back creates one sound; side-to-side creates another. Spin your wrist to shake it in a circular pattern and you get a double-timed version of both. The rhythmic potential is virtually limitless.LP's designers spent long hours experimenting with shell thickness, fill material, internal baffle design, and several other construction elements that make the Qube unique. The result is a perfect compromise between functionality and musicality. And just to make things more interesting, the Qube is available in two sizes and sounds. The small (LP460-S) "studio" version (2-3/8" per edge) has a delicate sound; the larger (LP460-L) "live" model (2-3/4" per edge) produces a sharper attack with more penetration.Like we said, looks can be deceiving. But sound isn't. Check out the LP Qube, and hear for yourself

Latin Percussion LP460L Qube Live

Live version - 2-3/4" wood shaker with interior chambers
Ideal volume for live or outdoor applications
Features checkerboard design

Latin Percussion LP460L Qube Live

Latin Percussion LP460L Qube Live


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