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Lâg Tramontane T98PE Natural

The LAG Tramontane T98PE is an electro folk guitar of the parlor type. Its distinguishes itselfby being made up almost entirely out of Khaya. An ideal guitar for playing Blues on.

Lâg Tramontane T98PE Natural

• Top: Solid khaya
• Strings: Metal
• Fingerboard: Brownwood
• Note: Graphite
• Bridge: Brownwood
• Format: Parlor
• Machine heads: Die Cast
• Category: Steel String Shaped Body Electric-Acoustic
• Hardware: Satin black
• Neck: Khaya
• Back and sides: Khaya
• Electronics: DirectLâg
• Left-handed: No.
• Cutaway: No.
• Radius: 350 mm
• Scale (mm): 650 mm
• Width Number of the comb: 43 mm
• Number of strings: 6

Lâg Tramontane T98PE Natural


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