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Komet 4 x 12" Cabinet

Komet 4x12" cabinet deliver impressive dynamic power and depth of tone with bold, tight low end, complex mids and smooth singing highs. Komet cabinets are the perfect matchup for your Komet™ or vintage amplifier. The richly detailed harmonic complexity and touch sensitivity set the new benchmark for cabinet performance — these cabinets must be seen and played to truly understand their unique capabilities.

Made in USA
Komet is a boutique brand which you will not find in every store.

Komet 4 x 12" Cabinet

Standard: two Celestion® A-Type (75hz) 98dB, and two Celestion® G12H 30 Anniversary (85hz) 100dB speakers.
Maximum power handling 150 Watts RMS operating at 16 Ohms.
Cabinet dimensions: 30" x 14" x 30.50"
Weight: 99 lbs.

Komet 4 x 12" Cabinet


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