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JB Systems AMP 150.4

Professional 4-channel power amplifier in an extremely compact 19" 1U-housing (H: 44mm). The high efficient class-D design guarantees high power and very low heat dissipation. Perfect for install applications (pubs, shops, hotels, restaurants, … ). The unit houses 2 separate class-D amplifiers that can be configured independently to obtain the following combinations:

• Both amps in stereo mode: 4x 150Wrms @ 4? (4x 80Wrms @ 8?)
• Both amps in Bridge mode: 2x 300Wrms @ 8?
• One amp in stereo + one amp in bridge: 2x 150Wrms @ 4? + 1x 300Wrms @ 8?

Completely silent operation: NO cooling fans! The peak limiter prevents signal distortion. Also prevention from: DC fault, high temperature, overload, short circuit. Features: balanced Combo (XLR + jack) inputs, Speakon outputs and bind-post wire terminal outputs.

JB Systems AMP 150.4

JB Systems AMP 150.4

JB Systems AMP 150.4


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