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Izotope Neutron 3 Advanced

The modern way to mix
From the makers of Ozone and RX, Neutron 3 will bring your mixes into the 21st century with new assistive audio technology, new interactive visuals, and faster performance.

Mix Assistant
With Mix Assistant, Neutron 3 can automatically sculpt your tracks and balance your levels, so you can get right into the creative flow.

Sculptor module
For sweetening, fixing, and even creative applications, Sculptor is like having an army of EQs and compressors working tirelessly to shape your track. Choose from 25 unique instrument profiles to shape your instrument into a totally new version of itself.

Transient Shaper
Change the contour of your sound and control attack and release with this mixing secret weapon.

Add modern character or warm, vintage grit with our Exciter module.

Add impact and energy to your audio with our flexible multiband gate.

Fit your tracks perfectly in the mix with our swiss-army-knife compressor.

Auto detect frequencies and remove masking with our intelligent EQ.

Izotope Neutron 3 Advanced

? 8 audio processors + component plug-ins
? New Mix Assistant
? New Sculptor module
? Updated UI & fluid metering
? Improved performance
? Includes Visual Mixer & Relay plug-ins
? Includes Tonal Balance Control plug-in

Izotope Neutron 3 Advanced

Izotope Neutron 3 Advanced


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