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Hal Leonard Tune Up! Vol. 1 - Trompet

Tune Up! is a gradual learning path that serves as a guide until after the A exam. Nice folk songs and well-known classical melodies are alternated with easy-to-hear études and other practice material. Use is made of “rhythm”, vocals (tone association), bindings and staccato exercises. There is also a wide range of different keys per lesson. Each lesson contains two pieces, the accompaniments of which - recorded by a professional combo - are on the CD. These are ideal for playing at a pre-hour or other occasion. The scales are listed on the last pages, along with an additional explanation of rhythm (rhythm). Tune Up! has been tested by students of different ages - with very positive results. Equally important is the fun that runs through the method as a common thread. A complete guide for every brass player!

ISBN: 9789043130172

Hal Leonard Tune Up! Vol. 1 - Trompet

Hal Leonard Tune Up! Vol. 1 - Trompet


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